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Benefits of Membership

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Thank you for your interest in the HPA. We are pleased to invite you to apply to be a member.

Online Psychologist Referral Listing

HPA’s state-of-the-art online Psychologist Locator Service is a great way to develop referrals of clients who need a specialized expert in the Houston area. Inclusion in the Psychologist Locator Service is optional and comes with our “Member” membership type.

Speakers and Media Referral Lists

When colleges, schools, community organizations, newspapers, radio stations, or television stations contact HPA requesting speakers, interviewees, or other guests, they are put in touch with appropriate psychologists on the Speakers and Media Referral Lists. Participation in the Speakers and Media Referrals Lists is a way for HPA members to get involved in the community, to inform others about what psychologists are doing in the community to help those less fortunate, and to generate referrals. Inclusion on the Speakers and Media Referral Lists is optional and is free to HPA members. HPA members can specify on which venues (colleges, schools, community organizations, newspapers, radio, and/or television) they would like to be listed.

Professional Development Credits

HPA offers monthly luncheon presentations (1-1.5 hours), as well as 3-hour and 6-hour workshops on topics such as ethics, diversity, therapy models, new research, and professional issues. Attendees at these events hear experts speak about new therapy strategies, evidence-based practices, and changes that impact our professional work that may be under consideration by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP), the Texas Legislature, or the American Psychological Association (APA). HPA members attend these TSBEP approved Professional Development events at discounted rates.

HPA e-newsletter

The newsletter helps HPA members remain informed about state and local issues, future luncheon and training topics, and practice opportunities.


Free advertisements for any books, etc. of a psychological nature written/produced by HPA members may be placed on the HPA website and/or in the e-newsletter. Other classified ads and e-blasts are available to HPA members at discounted rates.


HPA members enjoy in-person networking at Professional Development events and at the annual Holiday Party and Spring Awards Social. Members also have access to HPA’s listserve for peer support, help with finding referrals, and other information. These venues provide opportunities for HPA members to receive/provide informal mentoring and to interact informally with Houston-area colleagues.

Ongoing Personal and Professional Development

HPA is a community where psychologists are encouraged to grow both professionally and personally. There are many opportunities to join a committee, take on leadership roles, and serve the profession and public. Long lasting and close relationships are often formed through connections stimulated through HPA. Join, connect, and prosper!

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