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April 30, 2021- Ethics Webinar from 1pm - 4pm

April 30, 2021
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

ZOOM Meeting

Join us for the April Virtual CE Event

Ethics Webinar 2021

Afternoon Webinar: 1 pm - 4 pm - Ethics Session

Presentation Overview

Can we ethically evaluate police officers and help them prevent future employment issues as it pertains to their integral work in public safety.   What makes one properly qualified to provide treatment to this population?  The participant will understand what type of tests are recommended when provided pre-employment screenings of law enforcement personnel and will have a better grasp and understanding of the police culture.

About our speaker
Dr. Stephen Tate

Since 2015, Dr. Tate has been the official Police Administrator/Director (Captain equivalent rank) of the Psychological Services Division of the Houston Police Department and serve in an Executive Level position within the Department.  As a result, he is responsible for attending several Command Staff meetings, which sometimes include highly sensitive information about the Department, police investigations, and crime within the City.   In addition to running the day to day operations of this division, he is also responsible for:  Providing direct supervision of six staff psychologists and two administrative assistants and annual employment reviews of the personnel within the division, providing monthly staff meetings that entail some of the following:  (case consultation, updates on various issues occurring within the Department that directly and indirectly affect our division, providing current information about teaching assignments for the psychologists, and organizing in-house training of staff by other professionals within or outside the Department to keep up-to-date on issues).

Additionally, Dr. Tate is also responsible for monitoring the budget and finances of the division, ordering and approving psychological testing protocols for recruits, transfers, and other clientele that we serve (i.e., MMPI-2, IPI-2, PEPQ), consulting with staff psychologists regarding several issues and crises that occur on a regular basis as well as potential rejected recruits that are being evaluated for fitness for duty, being on-call 24/7 to provide crisis management consultation for any critical incidents that occur within the Department among classified and civilian personnel, providing on-going, but limited psychological treatment via psychotherapy with employees within the Department including civilians and  police officers, their dependents, and spouses, providing teaching of classified personnel and civilian throughout the Department on various topics (i.e., Stress Management Training to Cadets, Dispatchers, and Classified personnel and other Civilians, Intermediate Use of Force, Marriage & Family Counseling), participating  (by choice) in specialized Ride-Alongs with various divisions within the Department, and being available to outside agencies for short-term consultation and assistance with various critical incidents that may occur and/or psychological guidance needed for personnel from their agency. 


CE credit will be given (certificates will be emailed to all attendees)

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